Small Sized Beer Fermenter
1. Material: SUS304 or copper
2. System composition: 
1).Function:Wort fermentation or beer ripening
3). Inner container:SUS304 fully welded,thickness:3mm
4). Outer container:SUS304 fully welded,thickness:2mm
5).100% Tungsten inert gas protection, Arc Welding and Pure Argon Protection
6). Polishing accuracy of the inner container:0.4-0.6μm .No dead ends
8).Cooling jacket:Dimple metal plate(for cone and container both)
9). With strict water / air pressure test,air pressure test for 48 hours before delivery
10).Cooling jacket with strict water / air pressure test
11).Dished head, thickness is 2.5mm, Cone angle can be custom-design
12). Sanitary top pressure manhole on top
13). 360 ° full coverage CIP cleaning arm
14). Carbon dioxide exhaust arm with butterfly valve
15). Mechanical pressure regulating valve
16).Liquid level gauge with soft pipe
3. Description:
1). Warranty: 5 years for the main equipment(tank);1 year for electronic components
2). Installation/Operation/ Service/ Maintenance Manual: Provided In English


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